I like pina coladas but  hate getting caught in the rain unless it’s hair wash day and then I’m happy to splash in puddles as my hair would be getting wet anyway.

I also write and write any chance I get and was once terrified of anyone reading my work until I realised that is just silly as everything we read is written by someone so I most well join in on the fun and have eyes on mine.

I’m a freelance writer where I have written content for businesses and brands but my most favorite writing is fiction where I create without limits.

I blog a Tamzen Temple where I write as a part fictional person all about the ridiculous mainly focused on social media topics, although I am currently on hiatus there because I am totes focusing on my fictional book The Gomez Girls. go see the blog version.

Instagram is a visual portfolio of my flatlay pics and other works.   You can see them at @b4breakfast   You can also see my digital art @matotiz where there is an obvious love of emojis and abstract.

Did I mention I make paper flowers? Oh yeah, I started a while back an it kinda caught on and now I create big massive installations of huge blooms.  I hope to hold an exhibition in a year or so.

So basically you can see I don’t like to sit still, my mind is in overdrive most of the time thinking about ideas and possiblities.

So buckle up and join me to see where I end up.