The Gomez Girls: Tamara Zito

I wrote The Gomez Girls a long while back and took years of breaks in between finding any excuse not to complete it.

I quit Facebook last year with the sole purpose to complete my book.

It began as a story about a slightly unhinged blogger named Jess Bingle.  She blogs about her life and that of her crap marriage to her husband Raven.

When writing The Gomez Girls it became clear that another underlying theme was that of our name and the impact that has on us as women. Surnames in particular.

We inherit the name of our father most of the time when born although this is changing slightly with more women being included through hyphenated names or mixed names as middle names, but the majority of people have their father’s surname.

Once married, many women take on the name of their husband.  The Gomez Girls is a fictional scenario where the name Gomez becomes an alternate name that women can use .

Through her blog, Jess Bingle connects with women, or more so creates a space for women to connect with other women around the world who have felt unidentified because they have a name they don’t want.

Jess also gets up to all sorts of bits from having flings with some guy called Jack, making a ton of money through sponsorship of her blog and social media channels, hanging with her housemates, Roxy and Diva as she tries to navigate through the change life brings.

There are lots of layers to Jess with her past life a bit of a mystery but slowly revealed through the book.  Read it to find out what the Gomez brand of a skull and key represent.

If you have ever felt frustrated in your marriage or relationship, if you are stuck on finding who you are, you should connect with The Gomez Girls .

I’d love to hear if you have read it or your break up or make up story.

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