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I like pina coladas but  hate getting caught in the rain unless it’s hair wash day and then I’m happy to splash in puddles as my hair would be getting wet anyway.

I also write and write any chance I get and was once terrified of anyone reading my work until I realised that is just silly as everything we read is written by someone so I most well join in on the fun and have eyes on mine.

I blog at Tamzen Temple where I write as a part fictional person all about the ridiculous mainly focused on social media topics, although I am currently on hiatus there because I am totes focusing on my book The Gomez Girls.

I am a  Instagram trainer, account manager and content creator, hairdresser, workplace trainer, mum to my adorable son Lebron and partner to Micko.

But for now, this moment, I am  focussing on my writing knowing it is my destined path instead of believing it is a hobby or distraction from life.

I’ll be blogging about random bits but you may be bombarded with  The Gomez Girls.   I’d love you to follow Gomez Girls Official on Instagram and share any pics of your Gomez moments.

Enjoy and I’m excited that you are at the beginning of my publishing journey.