Before Breakfast

Insta Baking : Tamara Zito

Obsessed with Instagram and creating the perfect Flatlay, Before Breakfast was served up.

Tamara Zito Photographer Product
Snap Beauty : Tamara Zito

The name, of course, because we all check our socials before breakfast or at least pick up our phones.

I believe that with the millions ignoring their families to check out Instagram, the least you could do is provide the world with pretty pictures from different perspectives, like these pencils below.

pencils above tz
Pencils: Tamara Zito


I began taking classes training ‘newbies’ in insta and gradually it came a small business where I would take pics for timelines, do the odd bit of business consulting and all round create, manage accounts and write content for businesses and brands.

If you need a killer product shot I can organise a package or give you a training sesh using your phone to create and edit content.

I keep things simple in my pic training, so anyone can take a great insta pic on their phone, edit it and upload with an awesome caption and targeted hashtags.

Check out my insta @b4breakfast  follow me and call me when you need some creative pics, a blog post or other content.