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Tamara Zito Art
Social Man: Tamara Zito
I draw strange abstract people, usually women with funny shaped eyes. ¬†I don’t know why I do this but I don’t question what’s in my head. ¬†Creativity is a way to bleed out your personality and I’m not sure what this means about me but drawing, painting and my emoji art gives me comfort.
swirly eyed woman tamara zito
Love Stoned: Tamara Zito
From pencil, to digital, painting to emojis… and sometimes a mix of all, I’m still finding my groove, exploring techniques and enjoying the process.
Insta Party Emoji Boy: Tamara Zito
Insta Party Emoji Boy: Tamara Zito
Follow me @matotiz to see more. I’m hoping to have prints and origninals available for purchase by mid 2020.
Up: Tamara Zito
UP : Tamara Zito