Tamara Zito Freelance Writer

I write therefore I am.

I have an obsession with words.  They’re rather fabulous aren’t they??? Especially when used for fictional purposes or even for real life purposes where a writer can tap away on the qwerty keyboard to produce a visual creation for the reader that appears on the page or screen in simple black letters  and jumps into the reader’s mind, through the tunnels of their brain and gets processed and transformed to a technicolour delight. Wowser.

You can see some of my writing styles at

Tamzen Temple where I write ridulous bits

The Gomez Girl Blog where I write occasionally about breakups

I have written for businesses and brands content from blog posts, captions and other copy to capture their message.

With a degree in Journalism and a creative mind the possibilities are as endless as a  miniture purple polka dot elephant, floating in a fairy floss galaxy far far away while eating bubbles made of marshmallows.  Delishious….. (yes not a typo)

If you would like something written that is a bit left of centre, that creates a visual in your reader’s minds, call me or shoot me an email.